Amtrak Chicago Sub signals test study tips

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Diverging first in the name, it is a Turnout


No Slow, Medium, or Limited in names. All have 'Diverging' in place of speed designation.

Anything with a Flashing R in it = Restricting. Applies to high stand and dwarfs.

Anything with a Lunar in it = Restricting. Applies to high stand and dwarfs.

R/R/Y and also R/Y = Diverging Approach (not Restricting)

Read these 3 dwarfs just like high stands

R/Y = Diverging Approach
G = Clear (station tracks)
Y = Approach  (One of the few signal groups that has a dwarf approach)

This dwarf position light POT signal is unique. It looks like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
Dumb Alien = Diverging Approach


Every indication starts with 'Proceed".

Clear is 'not exceeding maximum authorized speed', everything else is 'at prescribed speed'.

Take turnouts 'at prescribed speed' (in all 3 indications that have Diverging in the name).

Diverging Clear   
Approach Diverging
Diverging Approach

Note: 'at prescribed speed' is opposite of CORA West which is 'not exceeding' for Diverging signals.

If signal name has 'Diverging' in it so does the indication.

Approach, and Diverging Approach:  Prepare to stop. Exceeding 30 MPH immediately reduce.

Restricting short description: Proceed at Restricted Speed.

Updated 9/29/21 R LENT

*Same info in the attached PDF.