NS Conrail Color Light signal test tips

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Norfolk Southern
NS Conrail Color Light Signals

Speed first in the name, it is a X-over


Dwarfs (everything in the names section)

Read these four dwarfs same as a high stand: Same as CN GTW
              Y/Flashing G = Approach Limited
              Y/G = Approach Medium
              Y/Y = Approach Slow
              R/Y = Restricting

These dwarfs are worth remembering:

Flashing G/R, and Flashing G = Limited Clear
R/Y, and Y = Restricting
No dwarf for Approach

G/R = Slow Clear
G/Flashing R = Medium Clear (Flashing upgrade from Slow Clear)

> If it's flashing red it's medium something (Jeff B).

Flashing Y, and Y/R = Slow Approach (opposite of Restricting)
Y/Flashing R = Medium Approach (Flashing upgrade from Slow Approach)

> If it's flashing red it's medium something.


Slow, Medium, and Limited in indications  (No MPH) Just like CSX.

Everything starts with 'Proceed', except for Stop.

Clear: Proceed at authorized speed, everything else, at XXX speed.

ICS (my abbreviation, not the NS) for all X-over signals – "until entire train clears all Interlocking, controlled point or spring switches"

These signals contain 'then proceed at authorized speed' after the ICS portion.  LC, MC, SC

Restricting – ends with 'entered Rule 171 territory'. (Non-signaled main track)

Approach : Exceeding Medium Speed must at once reduce...

Approach Slow, and Slow Approach both have Slow Speed, then Medium Speed in them.
Medium Approach Medium has Medium Speed in it four times

Advance Approach has Limited Speed in it twice.

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Also see the attached PDF but the info on this page will typically be more current.