CN Speed Signals test study tips

Started by x2000, September 26, 2021, 10:07:29 AM


CN Speed Signals (GTW)
Speed first in the name, it is a X-over (Turnout)



No dwarf for approach

High stands:

R/G = Slow Clear  (More restrictive than the NS)

R/Flashing Y = Slow Approach  (More restrictive than the NS)

R/Y/Y = Medium Advance Approach

R/Flashing Y/Flashing Y = Limited Advance Approach

R/Flashing Y/Red = Limited Approach

Y, Y/R, Y/R/R = Approach – Opposite R/Y, R/R/Y = Restricting


All indications start with 'Proceed', except Stop.

MPH only in indications. 15, 25, and 40 MPH.

Approach: Proceed, prepared to stop at next signal.

Restricting: Short. 'Proceed at Restricted Speed'

Updated 9/26/21 R LENT

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