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FAQ / Reader mode advanced feature i...
Last post by x2000 - October 01, 2021, 06:34:46 AM
This site is enabled for Safari web browser 'Reader' mode. Look for the reader line-icon on the upper left of the address bar of many topics.

Reader mode removes everything but the post content itself for an easier read. Tap the icon to toggle in and out of reader mode. The post must contain approximately seventy-five words before the reader mode icon will appear so you won't see the mode icon on all posts, just longer ones.

The Reader button for Safari on an IMAC is to the right of the browser address bar.

Chrome for Android has a similar 'Reader' mode feature.

The Reader button on an IMAC is to the right of the browser address bar.
FAQ / How this website is organized
Last post by x2000 - October 01, 2021, 06:30:35 AM
The Signal Test Prep / Quizzes (website) contains categories. The categories contain boards, and child boards, where applicable. They are similar to folders and sub-folders on your computer. The boards and child boards contain topics. 'How this website is organized' is a topic within the 'Welcome! Read me first' board. The 'Welcome' board is in the 'Welcome to the Railroad Signals Practice Site and Forum' category. Boards, and redirect boards are orange and categories are the darker blue. Child boards are also blue.

If you have registered an account on this site you have the ability to read, post replies, and create topics.
FAQ / Just the basics
Last post by x2000 - October 01, 2021, 06:13:44 AM
Follow the links

Like most websites, this site uses clickable links for navigation. Links may or may not be underlined but the following will help you identify links:

The main navigation bar always appears below the date and time toward the top of the page. The main navigation bar has a 'Home' page link on the left, a 'Help' link next, and a 'Logout' link on the right. The main navigation bar contains clickable links.

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Child board links (sub boards) are either orange or blue depending on whether you're on the home page or a board page.

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FAQ / Is there a fee to use this sit...
Last post by x2000 - September 29, 2021, 09:47:51 PM
You must obtain a subscription to access the practice quizzes. Study notes and other information on this website are free and do not require a subscription.
Amtrak Michigan Subdivision Signals
Speed first in the name, it is a X-over


Old Dwarfs (meaning still in use but before the newest dwarfs were added to the rule book):

G = Slow Clear
Flashing Y = Slow Approach
Y = Restricting

These are the newer dwarfs:

Y/Flashing R = Medium Approach
Flashing G/Red = Limited Clear
Red, and also Red/Red = Stop Signal

No dwarf for Approach

Red with a number plate = Stop and Proceed (not a Restricting)
R/Y, and R/R/Y = Restricting


MPH only in indications. 15, 30, and 45 MPH.  (Same as CN)
If speed first in the name look for 'Clear all switches within control point limits', except for MA.

45 MPH Passenger , 40 MPH freight for, AL, LC, and AA.
Restricting indication long ends with: 'or the end of the block system.'
Stop and Proceed indication ends with 'or entered non-signaled territory.'

Updated 2/06/22 R LENT

*See the attached. Also available as a PDF.
CSX Conrail Signal Reference & Test Tips / CSX Conrail Color Light Signal...
Last post by x2000 - September 26, 2021, 11:10:26 AM
CSX Conrail Color Light Signals

Almost identical to NS Conrail except:
Restricting aspects come from both NS Conrail and CSX Standard. In addition to the R/R/Y and R/Y (high stand), and R/Y and Y (dwarf) from the NS; anything with a Lunar (from CSX Standard) is also a Restricting or in one case Restricted Proceed.

Anything with a number plate (high stand and dwarf) is Restricted Proceed like CSX Standard.
Name for Stop is just Stop, not Stop Signal like the NS.

Updated 9/26/21 R LENT

*See the attached PDF for better formatting if printing, or, hit the PRINT button.
CN Speed Signal Reference & Test Tips / CN Speed Signals test study ti...
Last post by x2000 - September 26, 2021, 10:07:29 AM
CN Speed Signals (GTW)
Speed first in the name, it is a X-over (Turnout)



No dwarf for approach

High stands:

R/G = Slow Clear  (More restrictive than the NS)

R/Flashing Y = Slow Approach  (More restrictive than the NS)

R/Y/Y = Medium Advance Approach

R/Flashing Y/Flashing Y = Limited Advance Approach

R/Flashing Y/Red = Limited Approach

Y, Y/R, Y/R/R = Approach – Opposite R/Y, R/R/Y = Restricting


All indications start with 'Proceed', except Stop.

MPH only in indications. 15, 25, and 40 MPH.

Approach: Proceed, prepared to stop at next signal.

Restricting: Short. 'Proceed at Restricted Speed'

Updated 9/26/21 R LENT

*See the attached PDF for better formatting if printing, or, hit the PRINT button.
CORA West Signal Reference & Test Tips / BNSF Chicago wye map from CORA...
Last post by x2000 - September 25, 2021, 11:01:06 AM
See the attached PDF. This is the territory for the signals in the CORA West exam. Conductor notes on the map in red.

Excerpts from the Amtrak 2015 Chicago Terminal PC Study Guide:

B3 Signal Southward on Main 3. This signal at B3 is a dwarf signal that will route trains to go West into the Wye or continue South to crossover into Main 4. (Signal 3S)

BNSF Dispatcher from 6 am to 10 pm is Union Ave & from 10 pm to 6 am is the East End Dispatcher on BNSF Main Tracks Road Channel 66-66
Union Ave Interlocking is controlled by BNSF dispatcher for wye movements between B3 & B2 or B1

B – 1, & B – 2 South of CP Roosevelt
Beginning at CP Roosevelt on B-1 & B-2 is the beginning of the BNSF territory. Signals South of CP Roosevelt are BNSF signals, not Amtrak Chicago Terminal Signals.
Everything else railroad signal related / Can you pass a signal field te...
Last post by x2000 - September 25, 2021, 10:43:43 AM
Just some notes from research I did for a SMART brother who didn't pass his field test after not passing the initial color test at his physical. You used to be able to take a second test right in the doctors office but the FRA changed the testing guidelines. He wasn't the only one who got knocked out because of this.

49 CFR Part 240

No person shall be allowed to wear chromatic lenses during an initial test of the person's color vision; the initial test is one conducted in accordance with one of the accepted tests in the chart and § 240.121(c)(3).

49 CFR Part 242, Appendix D to Part 242 - Medical Standards Guidelines
No person shall be allowed to wear chromatic lenses during an initial test of the person's color vision; the initial test is one conducted in accordance with one of the accepted tests in the chart and § 242.117(h)(3).

(4) An examinee who fails to meet the criteria in the chart, may be further evaluated as determined by the railroad's medical examiner. Ophthalmologic referral, field testing, or other practical color testing may be utilized depending on the experience of the examinee. The railroad's medical examiner will review all pertinent information and, under some circumstances, may restrict an examinee who does not meet the criteria for serving as a conductor at night, during adverse weather conditions or under other circumstances.

It doesn't say chromatic lenses cannot be used for field testing.
ADA must reasonable accommodate him

(e) If the examination required under this section discloses that the person needs corrective lenses or a hearing aid, or both, either to meet the threshold acuity levels established in this section or to meet a lower threshold determined by the railroad's medical examiner to be sufficient to perform as a conductor, that fact shall be noted on the certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of this part.

---- wear corrective lenses and not on certification ----

Contact Us / Contact info
Last post by x2000 - September 23, 2021, 02:36:42 PM
Richard Lent

I'm happy to answer any question you may have about this site. I also welcome inquires about group/organization rates. I can customize any signal quiz/testing program you like to fit your needs to accommodate any number of users.

If the signal group you need is not listed, no problem! I can build any practice test for you per your specifications at a reasonable price. All I need is a digital copy of the rule book or territory special instructions.