CORA West Chicago Wye signal test tips

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CORA West Chicago Wye Signals

Should be no three headed combinations on the Amtrak test because of physical characteristics of the Wye.  Also no Approach Limited, Advance Approach, or Diverging Approach Diverging.
AM & AR are the only two SPEED SIGNALS, the rest are ROUTE SIGNALS (Diverging)


Y, Y/R is Approach. Pretty much the same as NS, but also Y/D, and D/Y

Y/L, and also Y/Flashing R are both Approach Restricting
(They both have the restricting characteristic under the yellow. Also, it's just these two combinations for A/R)

Approach Medium (AM radio tower, Top 40 - from an old head in the yard) is:  Anything Yellow flashing on top and also solid Y/Y

R/Y is Diverging Approach

R/Flashing Y is Diverging Approach Medium (a little tricky)

Restricting:  Anything flashing Red except for Y/Flashing Red (which is Approach Restricting)

Restricting:  Anything with a Lunar except for Y/Lunar (which is Approach Restricting)

Restricting:  Anything solid Red or Red/Dark combination with a number plate or G marker

STOP:  Name for Stop is STOP:  Anything all solid Red or Red/Dark combo (w/out a number plate).

STOP: R/D with the semaphore looks like it could be a Restricting. Easy to get wrong.


All indications start with "Proceed".

Approach and Diverging Approach:  Trains exceeding 30 MPH immediately reduce. Note: Speed is 40 MPH for passenger trains.

If name starts with Approach indication starts with Proceed prepared to pass or Proceed prepared to stop.

If name starts with Diverging indication starts with Proceed on diverging.

Diverging Approach Medium only one that's 35 MPH. DAM!

Clear is 'Proceed', all POD are 'not exceeding', AM is 'at prescribed speed'

Clear: KISS        Proceed

Approach Medium: **  PPP  ***********  Proceed prepared to pass... not exceeding [40] Top 40 enter diverging at prescribed

Approach Restricting:**  PPP  *********  Proceed prepared to pass...

Approach: **  PPS  *****************  Proceed prepared to stop        [30/40]

Diverging Clear: ** POD  ************    Proceed on diverging route not exceeding... 
Diverging Approach Medium: **  POD  **  Proceed on diverging route not exceeding...        [35/40]

Diverging Approach: **  POD  ********    Proceed on diverging route not exceeding...        [30/40]

Restricting: ** KISS  ***************      Proceed at restricted speed.

Stop: **  KISS  *******************    Stop

KISS = Keep it simple stupid, PPP = Proceed Prepared Pass, PPS = Proceed Prepared Stop, POD = Proceed On Diverging

Note: 'not exceeding' on the Diverging signals is more restrictive than Chi Sub which is 'at prescribed speed', except for Chi Sub Clear, which is 'not exceeding'.

Approach Medium is 'not exceeding', then 'at prescribed speed'.

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