Amtrak Michigan Sub signals test study tips

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Amtrak Michigan Subdivision Signals
Speed first in the name, it is a X-over


Old Dwarfs (meaning still in use but before the newest dwarfs were added to the rule book):

G = Slow Clear
Flashing Y = Slow Approach
Y = Restricting

These are the newer dwarfs:

Y/Flashing R = Medium Approach
Flashing G/Red = Limited Clear
Red, and also Red/Red = Stop Signal

No dwarf for Approach

Red with a number plate = Stop and Proceed (not a Restricting)
R/Y, and R/R/Y = Restricting


MPH only in indications. 15, 30, and 45 MPH.  (Same as CN)
If speed first in the name look for 'Clear all switches within control point limits', except for MA.

45 MPH Passenger , 40 MPH freight for, AL, LC, and AA.
Restricting indication long ends with: 'or the end of the block system.'
Stop and Proceed indication ends with 'or entered non-signaled territory.'

Updated 2/06/22 R LENT

*See the attached. Also available as a PDF.