Just the basics

Started by x2000, October 01, 2021, 06:13:44 AM


Follow the links

Like most websites, this site uses clickable links for navigation. Links may or may not be underlined but the following will help you identify links:

The main navigation bar always appears below the date and time toward the top of the page. The main navigation bar has a 'Home' page link on the left, a 'Help' link next, and a 'Logout' link on the right. The main navigation bar contains clickable links.

The secondary navigation bar appears below the main navigation bar and also toward the bottom of all pages beyond the home page. It also contains clickable links. The secondary bar identifies the path that led you to the current page. If you look at it now the topic 'Just the basics' should be on the far right. Use the secondary navigation bar to return to a previous location. Note you can also use your browsers back button to go back one page.

Anything orange is a link. All the board links on the home page are orange. Click a board to get to topics within the board. Signal practice test links are an exception and are routed directly to the practice test to save you from extra clicks.

Child board links (sub boards) are either orange or blue depending on whether you're on the home page or a board page.

All topic titles are clickable links. Topic titles appear when you click on either a board or child board. If there is more than one topic displayed they can be sorted by either Subject or Started by. When you click a topic title the topic appears.

Create, modify, and delete topics

To create a topic on a board, hit the New Topic button. To modify a topic or reply that you created, hit the Modify link. To delete a topic you have created, hit the Remove link.

Reply to a topic

To reply to a topic and post a message, hit the Reply button. To delete a reply that you have posted, hit the Remove link.

Create a poll

To create a (vote) poll, hit the Add Poll button.

Create a test topic, reply, or poll

Feel free to create test topics, replies, and polls anywhere on this forum. Just delete the tests when you're done. Don't worry about doing any damage. Unless you are a Moderator you will only be able to remove and modify topics, replies, and polls that you created. Anything that anyone else created is safe.

Post and view attachments

You can post attachments on this forum, but a Moderator or an Administrator must approve your attachment before it goes live.

To view an attachment, look for a file name with a paperclip to the left and click it. We've uploaded a sample file to this topic titled sample-attachment.txt. Look for the file at the bottom of this post. Note: There will also be a paperclip to the left of the topic name for any topic that has an attachment in it. That paperclip is NOT clickable. An example of that would be the topic name at the top, 'Just the basics'.

Post a link

You can post links to outside sites but be aware there is a three link limit for any link text with [/url] formatting, in any particular post. If you exceed the limit you will lock yourself out for 24 hours. It's coded into the forum to prevent spam. An example would be the link: RRB.GOV. A better way to post that same link is simply type or paste the actual address so it looks like this: https://rrb.gov.

Collapse a category

Categories on the home page are collapsible, just click on a category to collapse it. Click again to expand. They will appear however you left them the next time you login.

Use the search function

This forum has a powerful search function. The search box is in the upper right corner of every page.

One thing to remember though is that when you type a query in the search box it will search 'down' and not 'up'.

For example, if you type 'FMLA' in the search box from this page it will only return the FMLA references found in this topic because it is searching this page only. If you want to locate all instances of 'FMLA' in the entire website then go to the home page and type 'FMLA' in the search box on the home page. It will then return all instances of 'FMLA' found in the entire website, including this page.

Search terms are not case sensitive, you can type a query in upper, or lower case. Partial word searches are accepted. If you don't know the full word spelling just type in as much as you do know. For example, 'FML' will return all instances of 'FMLA'. Search terms are highlighted in orange on the results page.

Clear 'new' post indicators

To clear all of the orange 'new' post indicators, hit the 'MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ' button at the bottom of the home page.

Use the 'Help' link.

As mentioned above the 'Help' link is located in the main navigation bar. It contains general information on how to use a Simple Machines Forum web site. We've customized this site quite a bit so not all of the information in the Help section will apply to the SMART web site but you will find a lot of helpful information there.

If you've read everything here and you're still stuck you can either hit the 'REPLY' button below to post a question online or you can send me a Personal Message (PM). To send a PM click the PM link below the x2000 member information in the upper left portion of this topic. The PM link is just below the Posts count