Color Light Signal Aspects Guide

Started by x2000, February 19, 2016, 09:07:43 AM


Note that the attached guide was based on an old rule book or before 2010. It refers to 'Seaboard' signals which were only identified by rule number in the old book and are now known as 'Standard' signals in the 2014 rule book.

There are some minor differences between the old Seaboard and new Standard illustrations in the rule book. For example:

1) There are no longer dashes between the rule numbers and the rule letters. Rule 1281-B is now 1281B.

2) There are slight differences in the indication punctuation. The old Rule 1281-C (and others) had a colon after the word 'switches', the new 1281C does not.

3) The old Rule 1285 refers to 'engine', the new Rule 1285 refers to 'locomotive'.

4) The old Rule 1298 starts with 'Poceed', the new Rule 1298 starts with 'Proceed'.


More or less the dwarfs follow the same convention as high stand signals. Read the lights as if they were a two headed high stand signal. Disregard the lower red lights when reading them like you would if they were high stands.

There is a flaw in the logic however because you would not expect the two signals below to be 'Slow' but they are.

G/R dwarf would be read as G (and a green dwarf is Slow Clear)
Y/R dwarf would be read as Y (and a yellow dwarf is a Slow Approach)

The Y/Y (Medium Advance Approach) dwarf doesn't follow any obvious convention.